My Mentor Blog

To start off i would like to say i don’t just have one mentor blog. I actually have a couple this is just the one i would like to discuss today. Back to topic, i chose a few mentor blogs to help me figure out how this whole blog thing works. I googled inspirational blogs and found one titled Year of Giving. Now this blog starts off differently than most. Most blogs have their most recent post be the first thing you see but on this one starts with the very first post.

The thing that stood out most about this guys blog is that it wasn’t about him. His whole blog is dedicate to helping others. It talks about how he helped someone teach day of the year hence the title Year of Giving. If you read his about page he can tell you exactly when he started his year of giving project right down to the time. All he did was give $10 to a different person every day for a year. He then wrote about  each person he met with as well as the journey that followed it.

I chose this as my mentor blog because i found it inspiring and that’s what i wanna do with mine. I wanna inspire people. I have not read all of his posts yet but the couple i did read i found truly inspiring. It is unbelievable to do what he did for a year and to see the difference he made just by giving someone $10. I hope his blog inspires you too which is why i will have his link posted at the bottom. As i read the rest of his posts i hope to find techniques he used and find more inspiration from what he has done.

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